MCS SWATH 1 Outperforms Other CTVs Working on OWF

Maritime Craft Services reported that the latest addition to its fleet, MCS SWATH 1, has outperformed all other crew transfer vessels (CTVs) at the wind farm they are working on, which the company left unnamed.

According to the vessel’s AIS, MCS SWATH 1 is currently deployed at the Gode Wind offshore wind farms in Germany.

The company said that on several occasions MCS SWATH 1 was the only CTV able to transfer technicians due to weather and sea conditions.

MCS Managing Director, Menno Kuyt, said: “MCS Swath’s Captain reported a transfer height of 2.15m Hs or 3.2m max wave height with only 65% of engine power and the bow of MCS SWATH 1 did not move in these conditions. When approaching the turbine the motion control fins are put on zero speed mode which is a great help for the Captain as motion of MCS SWATH 1 is minimal”.

The vessel, designed by Ad Hoc Marine Designs, was ordered from Taiwanese Lung Teh Shipbuilding (LTS) last year. The contract was signed for one SWATH with the option of further five vessels.

The vessel, a 26m Typhoon class, undrewent sea trials this summer.

Regarding the vessel’s performance at the wind farm, Kuyt added: “Whilst sailing in sea conditions of 2.5m Hs there is no motion or slamming, cruising speed is maintained at 20-22′ and we’ve had no reports of pax being seasick despite the rough conditions we have been in. Moreover, MCS SWATH 1 has been in operation for about 6 weeks and there have been zero days lost due to breakdowns”.

Offshore WIND Staff

Photo: Image: Maritime Craft Services