Top News of the Week, 17 – 23 October

Elisa Floats Self-Installing Offshore Wind Turbine

Researchers gathered around the EU-funded Elisa Project have developed an offshore wind turbine system that can be completely pre-assembled and pre-commissioned in controlled harbour conditions.

The Big League Offering Lowest Offshore Wind Prices (Interview with Vattenfall)

When you are talking with people working in real estate, there is a small chance you would not hear them saying: “Location, location, location!” at some point. In offshore wind, the same could be said for cost reduction.

Western Link Team Finds Legendary WWI U-Boat?

A GBP 1 billion project to lay one of the world’s largest subsea power cables, connecting Scotland and England, has led to a ”historic wartime discovery” which could finally help solve one of WWI’s strangest naval mysteries, ScottishPower reports.

Amrumbank West Rescue Teams Spring Into Action

E.ON, Siemens, Northern HeliCopter GmbH and Offshore VENTUSmedic medical control centre have recently carried out an unannounced alarm exercise at the Amrumbank West offshore wind farm.

Fugro Lays Off More People, Offshore Wind Keeps Company Afloat

“Challenging oil and gas market” has somewhat become an inevitable reference point in financial reports of companies working in the offshore energy sector. Still, those involved in the offshore wind market usually have positive figures to report. This is also the case with Fugro, whose revenue declined by 20.4% in Q3 2016 due to the oil and gas downturn, but offshore wind market stayed strong and brought work on two projects outside of Europe.

Offshore WIND Staff

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