REETEC Unveils Multi Connection Cabinet

German wind energy services provider REETEC has presented the newly developed REETEC Multi Connection Cabinet (RE-MCC) for offshore wind turbines at WindEnergy Hamburg 2016.

The system had been developed based on REETEC’s experience in the field service and in the context of aviation obstruction markers. With the RE-MCC, the company developed ”a reliable, modular constructed technical solution into one cabinet and registered a patent on it already.”

Temporarily, different features on an offshore wind turbine like monitoring system, obstruction and navigation lights, fire detection work independently from each other, REETEC says.Each system has its own energy supply and backup system, with different control, communications, and engineering concepts.

The RE-MCC integrates these different systems in one overall system and ensures this way harmonised and safe operations of offshore wind turbines, according to the company.

The system is also said to ”allow for a significant cost reduction for the hardware, installation, and commissioning, but most importantly significant time savings due to the efficiency of Operations and Maintenance.

The number of interfaces in the design of the RE-MCC was reduced significantly, the company said.

RE-MCC supports a high reliability of wind turbines due to full system monitoring with the appropriate protection, control and communications systems.


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