German Company Proposes 865.2MW OWF Featuring Siemens 8MW Turbines

A Bremen-based company, OWP Gennaker GmbH, proposes to set up a new offshore wind farm in Germany, which would be located in the Baltic Sea and would comprise 103 Siemens SWT-8.0-154 turbines with Power Boost that will increase the maximum rated output of the turbines to 8.4MW. 

German OWFs in the Baltic Sea (Image: 50Hertz)

The 865.2MW Gennaker offshore wind farm (Offshore-Windpark Gennaker) would be installed within a marine area designated for wind turbines about 15km north of the peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the company has requested a license from the state’s Office for Agriculture and Environment, in accordance with the Federal Pollution Control Act.

The company plans to have the offshore wind farm operational in 2022.

However, the project could come across opposition, according to German media, as its 175m tall turbines could be an issue for the region that is focused on tourism. EnBW Baltic 1, the first commercial wind farm in German sector of the Baltic Sea comprising 21 turbines, was also objected by residents as opponents feared negative impact on tourism, impact on bird migration and navigation risks due to its proximity to the busy Kadetrinne maritime area.

Although the fears did not materialise after the construction of Baltic 1, the dimensions of the newly planned wind farm could cause opposition to the project.

Offshore WIND Staff