Kongsberg Launches Integrated Vessel Concepts

Kongsberg Maritime has launched a new portfolio of “Integrated Vessel Concepts”, designed to harmonise handling, operations and energy systems on a wide range of specific vessel types. 

The first set of vessel types to receive Integrated Vessel Concept configurations cover a wide spectrum of maritime operations, including wind farm support.

With the integration between disparate systems, distributed power management, data sharing on board and ashore can be significantly approved, facilitating enhanced decision-making across the operational chain, Kongsberg said.

Though purposely designed for a broad range of vessel types and customisable to specific requirements, several specific new systems have already been developed for use within Kongsberg’s Integrated Vessel Concepts. These include for the first time, the vessel dynamics integrated into the power management layer, providing a new concept for Energy Control, the company said.

Dynamic Load prediction (DLP) – a new DP system to predict power usage for a vessel’s thrusters, Dynamic Inertia Control (DIC) and Dynamic Supervision & Control (DSC) are some of the new features enhancing energy control for DP (Dynamic Positioning) Operations.

“A primary driver for the development of our Integration strategy and Integrated Vessel Concepts is conservation and predictable utilisation of energy, resulting in lower fuel consumption and the associated environmental benefits. However, we also want to create ‘free’ energy for hybrid or even fully electric power configurations, which are now becoming more viable due to less expensive batteries and more sophisticated power management,” said Srinivas Tati, Vice President, Business Development, Kongsberg Maritime. “Our approach to integration goes much deeper though. We have studied in-depth how different vessels operate to understand how the unification of on board technologies can change how we think about and conduct maritime operations at every level.”

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