SeaState Aviation Checks Sea Challenger’s Helideck Ahead of Dudgeon Work

SeaState Aviation has conducted an inspection of the helideck on A2SEA’s jack-up vessel Sea Challenger, making sure it fulfills UK offshore helideck requirements before starting operations on the 402MW Dudgeon offshore wind farm for Statoil later this year.

The scope of work comprised an inspection of the helideck along with an audit of the operational manuals and procedures for helicopter operations.

“Due to the increasing use of helicopters in the offshore wind industry, helidecks on jack-up vessels, offshore substation and SOV’s is more or less becoming industry standard,” said Johan H. Hansen, Managing Director, SeaState Aviation.

”There are clear requirements for offshore helidecks, and we see an increasing demand for our services related to inspection of helidecks, providing assurance to helicopter operators, vessel owners, wind farm developers and OEM’s that their helidecks and heli-hoist platform fulfill national regulations and the International Civil Aviation Organizations requirements.”

Statoil hired Sea Challenger to serve as an accommodation platform from September until the end of 2016, with the start of turbine installation phase scheduled for January 2017. Hull was chosen as the load out port for the 67 6MW Siemens turbines.

Photo: Source: SeaState Aviation

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