Deutsche Windtechnik Inks Sandbank Deal

Vattenfall has appointed Deutsche Windtechnik to oversee the construction and commissioning of the Sandbank offshore wind farm.

Photo: Deutsche Windtechnik/ archive

Engineers and technicians from Deutsche Windtechnik are currently supervising the preassembly of the 72 SWT-4.0.130 wind turbines at the port of Esbjerg.

The company has already worked on Vattenfall’s Dan Tysk offshore wind farm.

“We are delighted that the trust in our work is growing and Vattenfall has involved us in the construction and commissioning of Sandbank at an early stage as part of client representation and quality management,” said Alexander Huth, Project Manager at Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore und Consulting GmbH. Being the client representative and technical offshore representative involves, in particular, supervising the assembly of mechanical and electrical components through measures such as inspection, monitoring, evaluation and documentation. 

The Sandbank offshore wind farm is set to begin operating in 2017.