DNV GL Joins Canadian Offshore Wind Project

DNV GL has won a contract to provide the Canadian offshore wind developer Beothuk Energy with the constraints analysis, wind resource and energy assessment, Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) modeling and a preliminary wind farm layout for the 180MW St. George’s Bay project off western Newfoundland and Labrador.

Beothuk awarded the contract to DNV GL through its engineering firm, Maderra Engineering.

“This work program will provide key information for moving forward with the project’s design, providing a foundation for engineering, planning, and development of Canada’s first offshore wind farm,” Kirby Mercer, Chairman and CEO of Beothuk, said.

Beothuk selected St George’s Bay as a preferred location for the 180MW demonstration wind farm in February 2014.

The wind farm comprises 30 6MW turbines installed across an area of 40 square kilometres in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, an area identified as having Class A offshore wind conditions.

Apart from the project in St George’s Bay, Beothuk is planning to build a 1GW offshore wind farm off Nova Scotia.