Photo of the Day: Atlantic Pioneer Creates a Stir

Atlantic Pioneer Creates a Stir

The Rhode Island-based Blount Boats has recently delivered the Atlantic Pioneer, America’s first U.S. Flagged Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) for Atlantic Wind Transfers that will begin service for Deep Water Wind Block Island at the end of May.

The 21 meter aluminum vessel, designed by South Boats IOW, is a twin hulled catamaran, dual certified to carry up to 47 passengers, including up to 16 offshore workers.

The propulsion system consists of two MAN V12-1,400 hp engines, ZF Marine 3050 Gears, and Hamilton Jet HM571 waterjets. The vessel exceeded the contractual performance reaching sprint speeds in excess of 30 knots, with the ability to cruise at 26 knots when in a light condition.

The vessel was specifically designed to carry up to 12 tons of cargo in the bow and 3 tons of cargo in the stern. The forward and after decks are outfitted with cargo lashing and container sockets. A knuckleboom crane is outfitted onto the bow area.

The bow has a bow boarding/loading platform to allow offshore workers to make the transition from the vessel to the wind turbine. The vessel connects to the turbine base by use of a special bow fendering system, and is capable of making transfers in 1.5m significant wave heights.

The interior of the deckhouse is outfitted with a head, a small galley area with settee seating, twelve suspension seats, storage lockers, entertainment system, Wi-Fi, and sound absorbing decking.

Image source: Blount Boats