Man Injured at Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm

One of the workers on board the Wind Pioneer jack up vessel at the Gunfleet Sands offshore wind farm was injured during the weekend.

Gunfleet Sands offshore wind farm (Photo: DONG Energy)

The unfortunate man had suffered a lacerated leg and was flown to Colchester Hospital by Air Sea Rescue helicopter, according to ITV.

“A crew member on the DBB-owned jack-up vessel ‘Wind Pioneer’ – on site to carry out maintenance work – sustained a leg injury during a routine exercise. Support was provided by DONG Energy and HM Coastguard and a helicopter was called in to transfer the injured man to hospital for treatment,” DONG Energy said in a statement.

​The 172MW Gunfleet Sands offshore wind farm consists of two phases, Gunfleet Sands 1 with 30 turbines and Gunfleet Sands 2 with 18 turbines. Both phases are featuring Siemens 3.6MW turbines.