Megavind In Quest of Additional Wind Tech Testing Sites

Danish wind industry’s strategic RD&D partnership, Megavind, has called for additional locations and facilities for testing wind energy technology.

According to Megavind, there is currently a need for 4-7 new test sites in Denmark to meet the growing demand for testing next-generation wind turbines. The organization has also entered a dialogue with the Danish government to discuss possibilities to find additional prototype test sites.

In its new report, Megavind has identified the need for additional test pads for full-scale wind turbines and test facilities for blades longer than 100 metres. Also, Denmark should further develop and strengthen its facilities and capabilities for full-scale nacelle testing, as well as set up a converter-based grid test facility for the testing of wind turbine generators, the report shows.

Along with a number of other priorities set out in the report, Megavind pointed out that a permanent and flexible access to test sites in Denmark for the largest wind turbine manufacturers is the key to enable continuous release of new wind turbines to the market, and thus to drive the cost of wind energy down.

“Megavind points to a very timely and practical challenge that we must address, as access to the necessary number of test sites is critical for companies that develop wind turbines in Denmark,” said Jan Hylleberg, managing director of the Danish Wind Industry Association.

However, according to Megavind, it is not enough to focus only on the facilities. Testing competencies are crucial for Denmark to keep its leading position in wind energy, and this can be done by focusing on: increased knowledge of how components react to offshore conditions, developing more efficient methods for measuring offshore wind conditions, faster and more efficient blade-test methods, and strengthening higher education in testing. 

“There is a strong and significant relationship between knowledge and skills, production, and access to testing. For Denmark to remain the home of the leading companies in the wind industry, it is a necessity that these three elements are all present in a sufficient amount,” said Megavind’s President Per Hessellund Lauritsen.

Offshore WIND Staff

Photo: Image: Megavind

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