Joulz Scores Eneco Luchterduinen O&M Deal

Joulz has won a contract for the management and maintenance of Eneco Luchterduinen OHVS (offshore high-voltage station).

Joulz will also take on the responsibility for keeping the wind farm operational, by taking over responsibility for the installation and maintaining a 24/7 emergency service, among other things.

Anja Vijselaar, Managing Director of Joulz: “Joulz came out best of twelve service providers. The experience that will be gained at Luchterduinen will enable Joulz to establish itself even more strongly as a specialist in this field. The methodologies that Joulz will utilise at Luchterduinen can also be applied in, for example, an industrial environment.”

The Wind Farm Luchterduinen is located on the North Sea off of Noordwijk. The park consists of 43 turbines of type Vestas V112, together supplying the energy demands of nearly 150,000 households. Wind Farm Luchterduinen is a partnership between Eneco and the Mitsubishi Corporation. Offshore Wind Farm Eneco Luchterduinen has been operational since May of this year.

The first inspection is scheduled for April 2016.

Image: joulz