Two Dalby Offshore Apprentices Complete 1st Sea Trip

Two Dalby Offshore Apprentices Complete 1st Sea Trip1

Dalby Offshore apprentices Chris Baxter and Nick Marsay have both successfully completed their first stint on the Dalby fleet.

After completing their medical, STCW, Slinger & Banksman course, and learning some basics at 54 North Maritime Training, they were ready for their first trip to sea.

The two apprentices set sail on the Dalby Humber and the Dalby Esk working out of Lowestoft on the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm.

Two Dalby Offshore Apprentices Complete 1st Sea Trip2

Nick Marsay said: “I have enjoyed my first trip to sea, I have learnt how to tie a fender on the side of the boat using the correct knot, how to clean the bilges correctly and after completing the Bankman & Slinger course I now know how to operate the crane and use the correct hand and radio signals to use when banking an offshore crane.”

Chris Baxter added: “I have learnt how to do the morning checks on the vessel to make sure she is ready and safe to work, learnt about the different engines in the different vessels. I have also been shown the correct knots to use when mooring the vessel, taking into account the different tides and winds. I have also assisted in the safe transfer of the pax onto and off the vessel. I am very interested in the way the vessel works and the systems on-board and basics on navigating on a chart.”

“We want to thank the boys for the effort and commitment shown in their first 8 weeks on the course and to the Dalby Crew involved in training the boys,” the company said.

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