Energinet.dk Sets the Date for Anholt Cable Replacement

The replacement of two sections of the cable that connects the Anholt offshore wind farm to the grid is expected to take place between 26 October and 23 November, depending on weather conditions, Energinet.dk informed.

While the work is on, the island of Anholt will be powered from the its own diesel generators.

The 400MW offshore wind farm went offline on 21 February for four weeks due to faulty cable. The replaced piece of cable was sent to the laboratory where it underwent investigation to determine the cause of damage. This summer, Energinet.dk in collaboration with the supplier, NKT Cables, decided to replace parts of the submarine cable, after identifying a risk of an error that may occur in the first 400 meters of the submarine cable from Grenå and the last 4 km before the substation.

The replacement was initially scheduled for late September, but due to a failure in NKT’s replacement cable, the work had to be postponed.

Offshore WIND Staff; Image: Energinet.dk