TenneT Investigates Borssele Zone Export Cable Route

  • Grid Connection

TenneT has started investigating the soil along the export cable route of the planned wind farms in the Borssele zone off the coast of Walcheren.

The condition of the soil and the identification of possible obstacles such as unexploded ordnance or shipwrecks is important in building an offshore grid and connecting it to the existing high-voltage grid on land. TenneT will also gather the information about the impact on the environment, including the flora and fauna on land and at sea.

The soil investigation at sea and on land is carried out by a consortium comprising Grontmij, Deep Hydrography & Geophysics and Marine Sampling Holland (MSH). The consortium combines laboratory research with research on site.

The seabed survey is conducted with four boats equipped with advanced geophysical instruments such as radar and sonar, and soil sampling equipment.

It is expected that the land-use plan and licenses will be published in early 2016. The installation of the cable is expected to start in 2018.

Image: TenneT

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