VBMS Connects Last Cable at Westermeerwind

Dutch subsea cable specialist, VBMS, has installed the last cable at the Westermeerwind offshore wind farm.

“In total, we have installed 48 inter array cables between the wind turbines and six export cables that connect the offshore wind farm to the mainland,” said the VBMS spokesperson.

Now, the company is doing the terminations, connecting the cable to the turbine, which should be completed early August.

Nico Verburg, project manager VBMS said: “Despite the exceptionally bad weather during the cable installation period, we completed the cable installation without causing any delay for the project.”

The wind farm will be built in the IJsselmeer (Lake IJssel), between Urk and Lemmer (the province of Friesland), the Netherlands. Each of the 48 turbines has a capacity of 3MW while the entire project is scheduled to go online by mid-February 2016.

Image: vbms