DNV GL OKs Siemens’ 7MW Prototype for Testing

DNV GL has awarded Siemens Wind Power with offshore prototype certification for its new 7-megawatt offshore wind turbine SWT-7.0-154 which will now undergo field testing in Østerild, Denmark.

The prototype certificate confirms the compliance of the wind turbine design with the mandatory prototype requirements of the IEC 61400-22 standard and the Danish Executive Order (DEO). Being granted Prototype Certification confirms all relevant safety features on the turbine and allows installation of the prototype, to demonstrate how it performs. The prototype certification is a major step towards reaching the final Type Certification.

The new 7-megawatt offshore wind turbine has been developed by Siemens as an evolution of the company’s flagship offshore wind turbine, the SWT-6.0-154, which has already set new industry standards in terms of gearless turbine design. The latest Siemens model delivers nearly ten per cent more energy production than its predecessor under offshore wind conditions, while retaining the same proven reliability, which sees it recognised as the most innovative wind turbine on the market today.

DNV GL has also been contracted to carry out the Type Certification of the SWT-7.0-154 offshore turbine and is currently involved in the design evaluation process.

Jonas Stenzel, Head of Global Product and Technology Certification, Siemens Wind Power, said: “The SWT-7.0-154m is the next step in turbine development based on our highly proven SWT-6.0-154 technology. As the market moves towards a greater demand for certification in the offshore arena, the new prototype certificate for the SWT-7.0-154 with DNV GL provides an added level of reassurance and reliability to our customers and investors. The prototype certificate allows Siemens to install and test our new flagship offshore wind turbine.”

Steffen Haupt, Global Head of Business Development and Sales, Renewables Certification at DNV GL, commented: “Such a demanding project requires not only the best in wind energy expertise, but also state of the art project management in order to deliver this project in a timely manner. Having supported Siemens with type certification of the SWP-6.0-154 last year, and to now see it grow to become the even bigger D7 turbine, DNV GL has been able to guarantee continuity for the certification process not only to Siemens as our customer, but also to their customers and partners.”