Perpetuwave Introduces New Wave Power Technology

Perpetuwave Introduces New Wave Power Technology
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Perpetuwave Power has unveiled Xtracta (Patent Pending), its new wave energy technology.

The Xtracta technology integrates a low cost design with a proven high performance energy extraction system, which is destined to deliver a step change improvement in the viability of wave powered renewable electricity, the developer said.

The reduction in cost of the Xtracta is gained by marrying a low cost structure, and common drive train – generator to a linked array of the high efficiency, hybrid float PTO system.

Preliminary ocean testing of a scale Xtracta power plant demonstrated successful operation over a range of conditions.

Financial modeling of commercial projects which is based on a number of high confidence assumptions and contingencies etc, indicates the Xtracta technology presents a dramatic improvement in commercial viability over existing designs, and for the first time the potential to deliver a viable first wave farm project, Perpetuwave said.

We’re really excited by the real commercial opportunities the new Xtracta technology opens the door to,” Managing Director Glen Dullaway said. We’re seeking interest from enabling partners to fast track our development program and crystalise this opportunity for wave energy to be an important contributor to our future electricity needs.”

“The economic indicators look great and we look forward to collaboratively develop our first commercial projects,” Non-Executive Director Tony Ziemek said.

Image: Perpetuwave Power

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