Converting Fishing Vessel into Wave Power Plant

Over the last two years, Kvernevik Engineering AS has been working with Geir Arne Solheim, the founder of Havkraft AS and the man who came up with the idea to convert fishing vessel into power plant.

Now, the first vessel of its kind is anchored offshore in the Stadthavet area west of Ålesund harnessing wave energy.

“In principle, it works almost like a bicycle pump,” said engineer and project manager Edgar Kvernevik at Kvernevik Engineering AS.

The makers have met this challenge by installing four large chambers in the vessel’s bow. As the waves strike the vessel, the water level in the chambers rises. This creates an increase in air pressure which in turn drives four turbines – one for each chamber.

“All we have to do is to let the vessel swing at anchor in a part of the ocean with sufficient wave energy. Everything is designed to be remotely-controlled from onshore”, explained Kvernevik.

Their next step would be to install hydrogen production plant onboard the vessel so that the electricity generated can be stored in the form of hydrogen gas.

“Finally, we will build a semi-submersible platform designed to carry a 4MW wave power plant with a 6MW wind turbine installed on top”, concluded Kvernevik.

Image: sintef