NaiKun Appoints New Director

NaiKun Wind Energy Group Inc. has appointed Arthur Willms as its director.

Willms joined Westcoast Energy in 1971 and in 1991 he was named President and Chief Operating Officer and held this position until his retirement in 1999. In 2001, Willms was appointed to the board of directors of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. In addition, he has held numerous other directorships including Pacific Northern Gas Ltd., Union Gas Ltd., Crestar Energy Inc., Gulf Canada Resources Ltd., Pristine Power Inc., Columbia Power Inc., and Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Philip Hughes, NaiKun’s Chairman of the Board said: “I am extremely pleased to welcome Art Willms to the Naikun Board of Directors. I am confident that the Company and its shareholders will benefit tremendously from the extensive experience, expertise and skills that Mr. Willms will bring to the Company.”

Willms has also been appointed the Chair of the Company’s Development Committee and will be granted 200,000 incentive stock options. The options are exercisable on or before February 5, 2020 at an exercise price of $0.135 per share and all options will vest in accordance with the Company’s stock option plan. All options granted are subject to consideration and approval by the TSX Venture Exchange.

Image: NaiKun