Stormy Weather Boosts German Wind Power Generation

Stormy and unpredictable weather in the past few weeks has brought German wind energy to a new record.

With a total of 8.9 billion kWh of wind power, the record from 2011 (8.4 billion kWh) was exceeded in December 2014, the International Economic Platform for Renewable Energies (IWR) has announced. The values are based on an analysis of preliminary data on the power exchange.

“The main reason for the record-breaking wind power production is the current cyclonic weather with lots of low pressure areas,” said IWR Director Dr. Norbert Allnoch.

Nevertheless, the new wind energy record could be surpassed already in 2015, the IWR states. Many new offshore wind farms will start operating in 2015 for the first time and they produce the largest amounts of electricity in windy and high-consumption winter months.

Offshore WIND Staff; Image: Riffgat (Illustration)