WWF: Scottish Wind Blows Strong in November

November 2014 was a “big month” for wind power in Scotland, new figures published today reveal. 

The figures come as ministers from almost 200 countries gather in Lima, Peru for the second and final week of the UN climate talks, which is aiming to make progress on the draft of a new global deal on climate.

Analysis by WWF Scotland of data provided by WeatherEnergy found that for the month of November:

  • Wind turbines alone generated an estimated 812,890MWh of electricity to the National Grid, enough to meet the electrical needs of 107% of all Scottish households for the whole month – the equivalent of 2.6 million homes.
  • Maximum output was on 11 November, when generation was an estimated 55,611MWh, enough to supply 5.34m homes for the whole day – equivalent to 221% of all Scottish households.
  • Minimum output was on 15 November, when generation was an estimated 7,838MWh, enough to supply 753,000 homes – equivalent to 31% of all Scottish households.
  • Wind generated enough output to supply 100% or more of Scottish homes on eleven out of the 30 days of November.

Speaking from the climate talks in Lima, where he is an observer, WWF Scotland’s director Lang Banks said:

“While Torness nuclear power station had to be shutdown unexpectedly, November turned out to be another big month for wind power in Scotland, with enough pollution-free electricity generated to supply 107 per cent of Scottish households with the electricity they need. Even on calmer days, when wind wasn’t at its strongest, wind still supplied the equivalent of almost a third of electricity needs of every home. It’s clear that wind is now a critical and growing part of our current power sector.”

“I’m currently at the UN climate talks spreading the word about Scotland’s world leading climate targets and the rapid progress we’re making on renewables. I hope that news of November’s renewable output, alongside news that renewables are now the largest source of electricity in Scotland, will help inspire other countries to follow our lead, embrace the clear opportunities clean energy provides and secure progress for global action on climate.” 

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Press release; Image: Dong Energy (Illustration)