UK Q2 Wind Energy Generation Down 19 Pct

UK Department of Energy & Climate Change has released energy statistics for second quarter of 2014.

Total electricity generated fell 6.2 per cent from 83.9 TWh in 2013 Q2 to 78.7 TWh, reflecting lower demand.

The generation by wind, PV, wave and tidal fell 10.2 per cent from 7.2 TWh to 6.5 TWh. In spite of increased capacity, lower wind speeds, 1.6 knots lower compared to the same period last year, resulted in 19.1 per cent less energy production.

However, the share of renewables (hydro, wind and other renewables) increased from 15.9 per cent in 2013 Q2 to 16.8 per cent in 2014 Q2 mainly due to increased hydro generation as well as the conversion of Drax from coal to biomass in May.

The increased share on a year earlier occurred despite a fall in generation from renewables, and reflects the fact that overall generation was at its lowest quarterly level in the last 16 years.

Press release; Image: Steph Gray/flickr