Germany: Siemens in Offshore Wind Talks

Siemens has confirmed that they are in talks over future offshore wind contracts.

During the Wind Energy event in Hamburg, Michael Hannibal, CEO Offshore at Siemens Wind Power said: “There are quite a number of projects which are under discussion in the German market for the time being. Let’s see what happens.”

Siemens is currently offering two offshore wind turbine models 4MW and 6MW. Even though the 6MW turbine is superior than its predecessor “it is good to have two platforms,” said Mr. Hannibal explaining that some sites might have capacity or height restriction.

He continued: “Today we are still offering and negotiating deals based on G4 platform,” noting that they are also basing their talks on the new G6 platform.

Vattenfall recently ordered seventy-two 4MW turbines from Siemens for its new Sandbank offshore wind farm project located 90 kilometers west of the island of Sylt.

Siemens is also contracted to perform maintenance services on the project for initial period of five years after which they will “sit down and talk about it.”

Offshore WIND Staff; Image: siemens