NORCOWE Hosts FAST Workshop

On the 11th and 12th of September NORCOWE and NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) hosted a workshop on FAST. FAST is a wind turbine computer-aided engineering software tool developed by NREL.

Through US Department of Energy support, NREL has sponsored the development, verification, and validation of various CAE tools for prediction of wind turbine performance, loads, and response. The workshop will focus on the coupled wind turbine aero-hydro-servo-elastic CAE tool FAST.

The workshop presented the basic theory, structure, capabilities, and future plans of this tool and sample simulations. Equipped with laptops the attendees got to run the sample simulations beside the lectures that were held. Lecturer was Ph.D. Jason Jonkman, Senior Engineer at NREL.

The workshop was very popular and reached the limit of 50 participants quite fast. People with many different backgrounds got a proper introduction, opportunities to ask questions, interact during the lectures and make new contacts. Many countries were represented, and participants even made the travel from countries like Japan and Australia to take part.

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Press release, September 26, 2014; Image: norcowe



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