Pronomar Rides Offshore Wind Industry Wave

Exhibiting at SMM, Dutch specialist in the supply of innovative and efficient equipment, Pronomar, gave an insight into its business.

Our reporter met Jaap Baars, Pronomar managing director, where they talked about the company’s products, market and future business plans.

“We are focused on to the offshore and maritime industry, but we have noticed lately that the segment offshore wind industry in particular offers  great expansion potential. So that would be mainly in the middle and the north of Europe, and in the middle and the north America. Everywhere where it’s warm, like in the Middle East you have less need for drying system.”

He added: “Last three or four years we have seen a tremendous increase in the offshore wind industry, because in this industry it is obliged to wear survival equipment if they fall into the water.”

Some of their major clients from this industry are big jack-up vessel owners like Van Oord, Fred Olsen, as well as wind farm support vessel owners.

Baars noted that the advantage of their products is their flexibility. They can be sold as well as rented to the clients. Especially the new development of ready-to-plug-in drying containers for on- and offshore use forms a main target for the up-coming season.

“For the wind industry, in most cases they only need these systems for six, seven, eight months for the buildup. For instance, we have supplied in Helgoland for 64 people for one and a half years and after that for permanent for 36 people.”

The company is also developing new products. “I believe we will come into the market with these new systems within next year,“ Baars concluded.

Offshore WIND Staff, September 12, 2014; Image: navingo
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