VIDEO: Gangway in Action Onboard VOS Sweet

Today, the wind turbine crew transfer is done by jamming the vessel bow against the windmill tower.

VIDEO Gangway in Action at Global Tech

The UPTIME gangway allows the crew via a motion compensated gangway to transfer safely from the transport vessel to the turbine. The vessel is free to move with the sea, but the gangway is stationary against the tower.

The gangway is made in seawaterproof aluminium, making for a durable and lightweight construction. With a reference list of hundreds of gangways both in polar and tropic regions, we can prove that the structural integrity of the construction is well taken care of.

Check out this video of the UPTIME 12m gangway in action onboard VOS Sweet working on wind farm in German North Sea.

Press Release, June 24, 2014; Image: uptime



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