Offshore Monitoring Services Required for Sandbank OWF

Offshore Monitoring Services Required for Sandbank OWF

Sandbank Offshore Wind GmbH has invited tenders for offshore monitoring work.

Offshore Monitoring Services Required for Sandbank OWF

The work involves monitoring the condition of foundations in the Sandbank offshore wind farm.

The foundation monitoring concept is based on online monitoring of two representative wind turbine foundations. The online monitoring approach includes: end moment at two cross sections above and below the interface between the transition piece and monopile; water level inside the monopile and corrosion inside the monopile. If applicable, there is also an option to carry out ambient vibration monitoring of seven wind turbine foundations.

Furthermore, online monitoring of scour development on seven wind turbine foundations is also included in the scope of the work required at Sandbank wind farm.

The deadline for submission of tenders is June 29.

Sandbank offshore wind farm is a 288 MW project located in the German Bight area, around 90 km to the west of the Island of Sylt, directly on the border between Germany and Denmark. The water depth is between 24m and 35m.

Construction is planned to start in 2015, and it’s expected to finish by 2016.

Offshore WIND staff, June 06, 2014; Image: Vattenfall