Dacon Rescue Scoop Gaining Momentum in Offshore Wind Industry

Dacon has delivered its Dacon Rescue Scoop to a service vessel in the offshore wind industry. This is the 5th vessel in a series of carbon fibre SWATH designs that Odfjell Wind AS are building at Danish Yachts, all of which have been equipped with this state-of-the-art MOB rescue system.

Dacon Rescue Scoop Gaining Momentum in Offshore Wind Industry

These systems have traditionally been in use on Standby vessels that provide rescue capability to oil and gas rigs, but are now gaining momentum in the offshore wind industry.

The Dacon Rescue Scoop takes man overboard recovery to the next level allowing rescue in rough weather on vessels with few crewmembers.
With the ability to manoeuvre the vessel and crane from the same position it is even possible for the master to perform single-handed rescue.

The owner Fredric Odfjell explains: “We feel that this rescue net is the best and most reliable lifesaving system for our type of vessels used for the wind energy offshore market.”

One of the Captains, Billy shares his view on the system: “From MOB alarm sounds, we can pick someone up safely within 3-4 minutes. With our system on board SWATH boats, we meet great positive response from our charterers.” 

Press Release, June 05, 2014; Image: Dacon