SeaRenergy Positions BorWin Beta HVDC Offshore Substation

After the installation of the subsea structure of the converter platform BorWin beta 125km off the coast in 40 meters water depth in 2013, the topside with a weight of app. 12,000 tons followed today.

SeaRenergy Positions BorWin Beta HVDC Offshore SubstationThe tow with BorWin beta had reached the construction site on April 22 after about 24 hours of transit time. For the positioning of the topside above the subsea structure real precision work was required due to the proximity to the transformer platform BorWin alpha .The eight tugs used have successfully completed this task in the night to April 24th. Afterward, the topside was hydraulically lifted into their final position 22 meters above the water surface.

BorWin Beta will be connected to the wind farms Veja Mate and Global Tech 1, which will have a combined power generating capacity of up to 800 megawatts (MW). The Platform converts the alternating current power generated by the wind parks to direct current, ensuring only very minimal transmission loss during transportation to the shore.

Besides the transport and positioning, SeaRenergy has also developed the transport and installation concept for this project. Furthermore SeaRenergy provides the offshore personnel for the installation and commissioning of the transformer platform.

Press Release, April 25, 2014; Image: searenergy


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