Van Oord to Use AXYS Wave Buoys for Offshore Wind Works

Van Oord to Use AXYS Wave Buoys for Offshore Wind Works

AXYS Technologies Inc. will soon supply Observator Instruments of the Netherlands with four TRIAXYS™ with Currents Directional Wave Buoys, each equipped  with the new Next Wave II sensor and a Nortek ADCP current profiler. These buoys will be delivered to the end client Van Oord for deployment into separate pipeline and offshore wind infrastructure operations this spring.

Once the buoys are deployed, Van Oord operations will receive real-time wave and current profile data via radio telemetry to support their operations with mission critical information. Observator Instruments will provide training and support for their deployments in the coming months.

“We chose the TRIAXYS wave buoys based on their ability to measure directional waves and a full water column profile for the current measurements from one platform; simplifying our monitoring requirements,” said a Representative for Van Oord. “The long life, solar rechargeable power of the systems, along with telemetry and ADCP options allow for maximum flexibility to be used on a variety of different operations, which give us greater flexibility with our asset pool and meeting project objectives.”

Tony Ethier, Marine Systems Manager at AXYS, said: “This is our largest order for TRIAXYS wave buoys into the Netherlands and we appreciate the support by Observator Instruments in facilitating this order, and the opportunity that Van Oord has given AXYS. We expect this will be the start of a very good business relationship in the years to come.”

Press release, March 21, 2014; Image: Fiskaaling

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