SgurrEnergy Launches Galion Toolbox Software

SgurrEnergy Launches Galion Toolbox Software

SgurrEnergy has launched Galion Toolbox software, which will allow wind analysts to undertake complex and advanced wind surveys using data gathered from Galion Lidar remote sensing wind profiler.

The software suite is extremely easy to operate and will allow any user to get the most out of Galion’s powerful wind measurement capabilities by providing them with a number of ways to filter, transform or otherwise manipulate the device’s wind data into outputs and images that match their specific requirements. Some of these outputs include the measurement of wind speed; sheer and direction; wake decay and recovery; surface effects and flow inclination.

Craig McDonald, SgurrEnergy’s product group manager, said: “This piece of carefully crafted software will be of great interest to developers who are considering the significant benefits of scanning lidar, due to its ability to save significant amounts of analysis time during the wind resource and site suitability assessment period of a wind farm project.

“The launch of this software package reaffirms SgurrEnergy’s commitment to excellence in wind resource measurement and is the next stage in innovation for Galion Lidar.”

Press release, February 20, 2014; Image: squrrenergy