Storm ‘Christian’ Shakes DanTysk Offshore Wind Farm (Germany)

Storm ‘Christian’ Shakes DanTysk Offshore Wind Farm (Germany)

DanTysk offshore wind farm, situated west of the island of Sylt and directly on the German-Danish border, recently shook under the strength of storm “Christian” that swept through the North Sea.

Wind measurements of 44.3 m/s (160km/h) were recorded on board the foundation installation vessel – the Seafox 5, at 2:10 pm on October 29, according to Vattenfall’s blog. A wave buoy that measures wave action has recorded a maximum wave of 9.4m.

The works at the site were stopped due to these severe weather conditions.

On the 7th of October at 10:43 pm, the Seafox 5 was jacked up at location 22 to begin the next routine installation, creating a historic moment. Namely, with the installation of a monopile and transition piece at the spot, location 22 has become the northern most point of Germany and DanTysk which is under construction.


Offshore WIND Staff, December 3, 2013; Image: Vattenfall