The Netherlands: IHC Merwede’s CEO Steps Down

IHC Merwede's CEO Steps Down

IHC Merwede has announced that its CEO, Dirk Philips, will step back from his role within the company.

Dirk Philips succeeded Govert Hamers as the new CEO of IHC Merwede on September 1, 2013. Over the past two months, he has led the Board of Management to formulate some important aspects of IHC Merwede’s future business strategy, as well as the appropriate organisation required to implement it.

The mutual decision on the timing of Mr Philips’ retirement from his role coincides with the successful completion of this phase of the company’s mission.

The company says that its Supervisory Board is currently considering the future composition of the Board of Management. Therefore, until further notice, the Board of Management is membered by Bram Roelse (COO) and Dave Vander Heyde (CFO), who will jointly carry out Mr Philips’ duties.


Press release, November 13, 2013; Image: IHC