Offshore Wind Cost Reductions Achievable, Says JIP WiFi

Offshore Wind Cost Reductions Achievable, Says JIP WiFi

Wind turbines at sea could be much cheaper. The members of the Joint Industry Project ‘Wave Impact on Fixed turbine’ (JIP WiFi) are convinced that cost reductions are achievable.

The design rules currently used to determine the impact of breaking waves on the turbines are very conservative. The thinking is that improving design guidelines and establishing a clearer picture of the interaction between the turbines and the maximum wave load can cut material costs by 10%.

Scale tests need to be conducted to determine the real extent of the risks

Deltares is now starting the initial scale modeling tests to look at this area, with researchers studying in high detail the impact of steep and breaking waves on the pile structure. The study will also involve an examination of the influence of currents and bed morphology. The data from the research will allow us to make a better estimate of the risks and to improve the design rules so that designers and builders of offshore wind turbines can optimise their designs.

It is still possible to participate in the project

The results will be made available to the participants during the course of 2014. The main conclusions of the research and the amendments to the design rules will be made public two years after the conclusion of the JIP.


Press release, October 15, 2013; Image: deltares


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