Germany: Positive Response to Joint Wind Energy Conferences

Germany Positive Response to Joint Wind Energy Conferences

The countdown is on. The first WindEnergy Hamburg, the leading international wind energy expo, will be held in one year’s time in Germany’s second largest city.

The Hamburg Fair site will be the meeting point for experts from all parts of the world from 23 to 26 September 2014. Twelve months before the start, the trade fair companies of Hamburg and Husum have presented details on the profile of their joint event for the leading international market, and an outline of HUSUM Wind, which is likewise to be run jointly by the two companies – it will be held from 2015 onwards, reflecting the national wind market with its wide range of players and special requirements. “The combined range of these two exhibitions with their specific focus is unique, and meets with very lively demand from the industry,” said Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO Hamburg Messe und Congress. “We can already say that WindEnergy Hamburg 2014 will be the biggest international wind industry fair anywhere in the world.” Peter Becker, CEO Messe Husum und Congress, agreed with him and added that “the wind exhibitions in Hamburg and Husum have both gained in quality from this cooperation. Each of them has a focus which makes ideal use of their respective location.”

 WindEnergy Hamburg – the leading international event for the industry

WindEnergy Hamburg as the leading international wind fair gives the global industry an ideal platform for dialogue and presentation – located in Germany, which is at the forefront of wind energy technology. Hamburg is the capital of the wind industry, and is the perfect international setting with cosmopolitan flair. WindEnergy Hamburg reflects the whole of the value chain, both onshore and offshore. It is a showcase for all companies in the international business, and for current and potential national markets. Its synergies with SMM Hamburg, the world’s leading maritime industry fair, and with H2Expo – e-mobility, fuel cells, hydrogen & storage solutions, enable the experts from the wind industry to gain contacts in new business fields. Many companies from the shipbuilding industry that are exhibiting at SMM Hamburg in 2014 will now also be present at WindEnergy Hamburg. “As Germany’s Energiewende (energy transition) proceeds, new developments in this field meet with great interest on a global scale,” said Bernd Aufderheide. “That means WindEnergy Hamburg will generate impetus for innovative wind energy solutions worldwide”.

 HUSUM Wind – the main industry fair for the German market

The leading international wind industry fair WindEnergy Hamburg will be followed on 15 to 18 September 2015 by HUSUM Wind, the main industry fair for the domestic market. “Our exhibition concept is tailored to the needs of all potential participants in the German market, from market-leading SMEs based in North Germany to international turbine manufacturers,” said Peter Becker, Managing Director Messe Husum & Congress. “It is always a highlight for exhibitors to be able to present their products and services here, in the middle of the wind pioneering region, with practical applications. This continues the Husum Wind tradition which has grown up over the years.” A major part of the concept is the close practical relationship, both in terms of this major wind region and in the subjects of the conference held in parallel. “That permits more in-depth presentation of Germany’s industry strengths, and full analysis of developments, including critical aspects. That is why HUSUM Wind is so important for everyone who takes an interest in Germany and the areas where it leads in technology.”

The two industry fairs, under joint organisation, are well matched to the needs and demand of the market. WindEnergy Hamburg and HUSUM Wind are interrelated, and give a strong range of products and services on a broad basis which cannot be found anywhere else.

The figures speak for themselves – cooperation is a great success

Bernd Aufderheide and Peter Becker said “We are delighted to note that the joint fair concept is right on target to meet industry demand.” That is clear from the latest figures – “We have received registrations for WindEnergy Hamburg from companies for a total of more than 65,000 square metres. So we are already surpassing our original target now, a year before the start of the fair,” said Bernd Aufderheide. “The Hamburg Fair site gives enough potential for the many further registrations we are expecting by September 2014, and for future growth of this leading wind industry fair (a total of about 87,000 square metres). We have received registrations from more than 1,000 companies from the onshore and offshore industry. WindEnergy Hamburg will be the world’s largest ever wind fair in 2014 – the figures clearly justify the description of WindEnergy Hamburg as the ‘leading fair’ for this industry.”

HUSUM Wind 2015 is also making good progress, in line with expectations. “Our focused concept is proving effective, and appeals not least to the medium-sized companies which are characteristic of the German market,” said Peter Becker. “The relationship with practical applications, and presentation in a wind farm location have great appeal for many companies – bookings and reservations are already into triple figures. HUSUM Wind places the German wind industry clearly in the context of the Energiewende (Germany’s energy transition), with the opportunities and challenges which that brings for our economy, our government and our consumers. We want to be the leading platform for the wind industry in Germany, to promote interdisciplinary exchanges, and ultimately to boost wind energy. After all, we have been at the heart of the German wind industry for 25 years, giving it a home here in Husum.”

The developments and innovations in Germany can now be presented to the international experts at a wind expo every year. Government and industry welcome the coordinated organisation set up by the companies in Hamburg and Husum, and actively support this dual exhibition concept. The leading industry associations VDMA and BWE are the concept supporters. The Advisory Board for the two wind exhibitions took up its work just recently. It comprises experts from leading wind energy companies, inputting a wealth of know-how.


Press release, September 30, 2013; Image: Hamburg Messe und Congress