Strong Energy Policy from Scottish Government

Strong Energy Policy from Scottish Government

Scottish Renewables reacted to a new Audit Scotland report which claims Scotland’s strategy for renewable energy is clear but achieving goals will be challenging.

 Niall Stuart, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, said:

“The report highlights the clear and strong energy policy from the Scottish Government, which has given the industry confidence to invest and build in Scotland, with output of renewable power doubling in the last five years as a result.

“In the last decade more than £209 million of public sector money has being invested in the renewable energy sector, while the renewables sector has invested more than £1.5 billion in the Scottish economy in 2012 alone.”

 Mr Stuart added: “We agree with much of the report, particularly around the need for greater focus to be given to renewable heat. In Scotland, heat constitutes more than 50% of energy demand and we believe there is a strong case for renewable heat to play a much bigger role in helping tackle fuel poverty.

“Audit Scotland also found that there were a number of challenges facing the industry in terms of future job growth, especially around offshore wind, and that’s why it’s crucial the UK Government get on with delivering Electricity Market Reform and give this sector the clear direction of travel it needs.”


Press release, September 12, 2013; Image: Scottish Renewables


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