Germany: DOTI Invites Tenders for Vessel Chartering Services for OW Projects

Germany: DOTI Invites Tenders for Vessel Chartering Services for OW Projects

Deutsche Offshore-Testfeld- und Infrastruktur GmbH & Co. KG (DOTI) is inviting tenders for vessel chartering services relating to offshore wind projects in the German North Sea.

The subject of the contract to be awarded is the charter of maximum two suitable passenger vessels, capable of carrying at least 24 people, including a team for the transfer of people in the construction field for the operation of the offshore wind farm Alpha Ventus and possibly other offshore wind farms in the German North Sea.

The vessels should be able to develop a minimum speed of 20 knots under moderate sea conditions and have to be approved for use in German waters of the See-BG and in accordance with other regulations. They must have a kitchen and other main facilities with luggage storage space for the occupants.

As stipulated by the contract, the passenger vessels shall not exceed 500 GT and additional space for components to be transported (transport boxes, at least one 10ft and one 20ft, possibly a container) shall be provided. The vessels must be supplied with an on-board crane davit for all components to be reached and loaded. Work for the offshore crane loading zone must be fully accessible by davit crane.

Other mandatory equipment of the vessel(s) should include a functional radar, electronic chart (eg ACDIS or equivalent) as well as FM / boundary wave radios with GMDSS functionality. In addition, the vessels will need to feature a digital mobile radio equipment and AIS unit.

Deadline for submission of tenders is September 30.


Offshore WIND Staff, September 6, 2013; Image: alpha ventus