‘Fascination Offshore’ Exhibition Presented at Emden Offshore Days (Germany)

'Fascination Offshore' Exhibition Presented at Emden Offshore Days (Germany)

Together with the city of Emden and the Maritime Competence Centre (MARIKO) in Leer, the Offshore Wind Energy Foundation is presenting their traveling exhibition “Fascination Offshore” at the 3rd Emden Offshore Days taking place from 4th to 5th September 2013.

The exhibition was opened at 3:00 p.m. on 4th September by the Mayor of the city of Emden Bernd Bornemann, director of business development of the district of Leer, Harald Krebs, and the directors of the MARIKO GmbH and Offshore Wind Energy Foundation, Dieter Schroer and Andreas Wagner.

The exhibition features 13 panels that cover various aspects of wind energy in the North and Baltic seas. For example, the function of a wind turbine and the impact of wind farms on the marine environment are explained and presented. In addition, this includes a short film that gives a further insight into the structure and operation of offshore wind farms.


Offshore WIND Staff, September 5, 2013; Image: hs-emden-leer