New Wind Farm Immersion Suit from Survitec Breaks New Ground (UK)

New Wind Farm Immersion Suit from Survitec Breaks New Ground (UK)

Visitors to this year’s Offshore Europe exhibition, can find out more about the new 1000 Series Offshore Wind Farm Immersion Suit from Survitec Group. The suit breaks new ground in the renewables industry, by providing customers with a one-suit option for equipping personnel travelling over water to offshore wind farms, whether by helicopter or supply ship.

Already approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to the latest ETSO 2C503 standard for offshore passenger transportation, the new suit is currently going through the final stages of SOLAS certification. This will make it the first bespoke immersion suit for offshore wind farms to carry dual approval and it means customers will no longer have to purchase separate suits for aviation and marine use. The suit will be available early 2014.

Easy to don and comfortable to wear, the suit has been manufactured to deliver exceptional in-water performance and provide a high level of protection. The innovative design features technology originally developed for the NASA space programme. Enhanced insulation regulates the microclimate inside the suit and reduces thermal stress for the wearer. Trapped air is also kept to a minimum so the wearer can move freely and quickly in an emergency.

Strong watertight seals on the neck and wrist along with Kevlar protection on the sleeve, knee and seat areas ensure the suit maintains a high level of performance throughout its service life. The suit is also manufactured with anti-microbial nano-technology, in the thermal liner for improved hygiene.

Although typically worn with either the award winning Shark LAP Lifejacket or the RFD Mk44 Crew Lifejacket, Survitec will be displaying the new Offshore Wind Farm Immersion Suit at Offshore Europe with the MK65 transport crew life preserver. This features a built-in flotation collar and single-seater liferaft. Survitec believes this unique combination could be of great interest to customers looking for the ultimate protection for personnel being transported to remote offshore wind farms.


Press release, August 22, 2013; Image: Survitec