UK: New Anglia Capital’s Investment Day at OrbisEnergy Attracts Investors and Innovators

UK: New Anglia Capital’s Investment Day at OrbisEnergy Attracts Investors and Innovators

UK: New Anglia Capital’s Investment Day at OrbisEnergy Attracts Investors and Innovators

Nearly 50 business angel investors, funders and their advisors attended New Anglia Capital’s Investment Day at OrbisEnergy in Lowestoft last week (Tuesday 2nd July), which could result in investments of up to nearly £750,000.

Four companies with a wide variety of innovative ideas made presentations to the investors and a number of confidential discussions are now under way.

New Anglia Capital’s chairman, Harry Berry, said: “We were very pleased to see a good number of investors come along to learn about the companies presenting and the investment opportunities each one offers. It was a very stimulating event that underlined how Norfolk and Suffolk are producing businesses with the capability and entrepreneurship to create the jobs and wealth of tomorrow.”

The companies who made presentations to the business angels were:

Scour Prevention Systems, who have developed an innovative, patented solution to remediate and eliminate scour around offshore structures, such as wind turbines and oil and gas sub structures and pipelines, and over undersea cables, all areas of significant worldwide growth. The system is environmentally inert and low carbon.

Booth Chat creates and distributes sophisticated content that increases the effectiveness of social media. It adds marketing messages to social media content, from a logo or banner to an image or video, which is then distributed in near real time.

With an estimated 2.08 billion football fans across the world, Football2Soccer is an interactive multimedia platform that reimagines the way football is delivered. It brings together the whole football world, from grassroots to Premier League and major leagues throughout the world in a single social media hub.

Bin Boy is a labour saving, electrically powered device for domestic, office and commercial use. It is designed to make moving heavy wheeled waste bins simple, even over rough ground and up steep gradients, simple, quick and safe.

With the background of traditional lending routes being largely unavailable to early stage companies, New Anglia Capital is making available a variety of alternative methods of raising money for growth and innovation, which range from grants and loans to equity funding from a network of respected businesses angel investors.

John Irving, New Anglia Capital’s chief executive, added: “We want Suffolk’s and Norfolk’s most exciting and innovative young companies and entrepreneurs, who are looking for serious investment to get their ideas off the ground and flying, to come to us. If they have good ideas that will create wealth and employment, we have the means to help them become the business stars of tomorrow.

“Similarly, we are expanding our network of investors, who range from experienced business angels to others from a variety of backgrounds throughout the region looking for alternative investment opportunities and the passion and desire to support innovation in East Anglia.”

New Anglia Capital will be arranging a series of smaller investor only events throughout the region to inform potential investors about the many benefits of becoming a business angel.

The next Investment Day will be held at a venue in Suffolk in September and the next investor only day will be held in Norfolk also during September.


Press release, July 9, 2013