UK: Cathie Associates Named as Geoscience Advisors at Wave Hub

UK Cathie Associates Named as Geoscience Advisors at Wave Hub.

Cathie Associates have been appointed as Geoscience Advisors to Wave Hub for the recently announced Energy Technologies Institute floating offshore wind demonstrator project, located 10 miles off the north coast of Cornwall.

The project aims to develop, build and test a floating offshore wind turbine to investigate whether floating wind farms could play a cost effective role in helping to meet the UK’s energy needs.

Cathie Associates are an established industry leader within the offshore renewable energy sector, with a wealth of experience operating for over a decade in the offshore Oil and Gas and offshore wind industries.

In assisting Wave Hub with their floating offshore wind demonstrator site, Cathie Associates are leveraging this experience in order to ensure that the seabed conditions and associated geohazards and geotechnical risk are properly identified and addressed.

Gareth Ellery, Business Development Manager for Cathie Associates commented, “The potential for floating offshore wind in deeper water further from shore is huge, particularly when considered against the shrinking supply of consentable shallow waters. This is an exciting and strategic project for us given our expertise across the Oil and Gas and Offshore Wind sectors. We look forward to bringing our expertise to bear in the successful demonstration of this nascent technology.”


Press release, July 9, 2013; Image: wavehub