SeaZone Teams Up with Snowflake to Launch ‘HydroView Now: Features’ (UK)

SeaZone Teams Up with Snowflake to Launch ‘HydroView Now: Features’ (UK)

Comprised of key marine and nautical feature types from vector charting supplied by official International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) chart producers, HydroView Now: Features is an ideal complement to the free-to-use HydroView Now: Basemap.

Delivered through an authenticated geography mark-up language (GML) web feature service, organisations can utilise the service via an application programming interface (API) and securely display, select and query HydroView Now: Features within their company’s internally facing intranet, desk top mapping software or externally facing website.

 Keiran Millard, Group Manager from SeaZone states, “Building on technologies developed principally with the navigation market in mind, SeaZone and Snowflake can deliver marine data as GML for direct consumption and access. This ease of using HydroView Now: Features allows SeaZone’s Licensees the most up-to-date content available for reuse, without the long term data management costs, associated traditional data delivery, management, retrieval and/or web hosting and serving. The GML we deliver complies with the S-100 standard for hydrographic data as well as meeting the requirements for INSPIRE download services.”

 Andrew Iwanoczko, Business Manager from SeaZone discusses the joint initiative with Snowflake Software, “Working with Snowflake has enabled SeaZone to bring industry best practice to this joint offering. Having gained ISO9001 accreditation in 2010, SeaZone prides itself on constantly improving internal processes ensuring the best possible product experience for its customers. When we looked to the market to determine who would be suitable to work with in a joint-WFS capability, Snowflake ticked every box, both in the software they bring to the table and in their internal expertise in GML delivery of S-100.”

 Alex Brooker, Principal Consultant at Snowflake Software said, “I’m happy to have had the opportunity to work with SeaZone on this exciting new development, bringing their world class marine data to end users via powerful Snowflake technology. Offering a Data as a Service (DaaS) platform provides data publishers and consumers with the ability to publish, deliver and consume adaptable cloud services ‘off the shelf’ and at minimal cost. I’m really excited to see how forward thinking developers can exploit this platform to bring value added services to bear”.

HydroView Now: Features appeals to organisations with varying coastal, marine and maritime mapping requirements including: oil, gas and renewable energy asset management, environmental monitoring applications; maritime route planning; situational awareness; defence; and vessel tracking for anti-piracy and logistical planning.


Press release, July 9, 2013; Image: hrwallingford