UK: CTruk Signs Deal for Paul Knight’s 20T Multi-Purpose Catamaran Design

UK CTruk Signs Deal for Paul Knight's 20T Multi-Purpose Catamaran Design

Essex-based CTruk topped off a busy first day at Seawork International by signing an agreement with a new client, Paul Knight, for their now proven composite 20T multi-purpose catamaran design.

Isle of Mull-based Paul started his own shellfish export business at the age of 18 and has always had a head for opportunities. Later adding a commercial fishing arm to PDK Marine, Paul bought his first vessel seven years ago and has owned several since.

It was in 2010 that his attention turned to the progress of offshore wind farm construction around the UK, and the catamarans that were busy supporting these projects. Keen to enter the market Paul researched opportunities extensively, following the progress of one boat builder in particular, CTruk in Brightlingsea, who were then breaking into an aluminium-dominated market with their innovative multi-role composite craft.

‘For me the fuel savings gained from the lighter composite construction stood out as key in an industry that was becoming increasingly competitive as well as being under pressure to cut costs’, explained Paul, ‘and once I had visited Brightlingsea and seen the boats first-hand, I was convinced that they were the vessels of the future’.

Paul looks forward to Scotland commencing its round three projects in a few years’ time and intends to be well-placed to service them. ‘Offshore wind is creating opportunities in an otherwise bleak commercial landscape for fishermen like me,’ he said, ‘and I hope to bring more of them into the business as it grows’. He will take delivery of his first CTruk workboat in September 2013.

CTruk has built 12 composite OWSVs since its launch in 2010, all of which are at work on 24/7 operations around the UK coast. One of their first vessels, the CWind Alliance, which was recently acknowledged by Siemens for her outstanding performance on the London Array OWF, is currently on display at Seawork International.


Press release, June 26, 2013; Image: ctruck



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