The Netherlands: Central Industry Group Enters Offshore Wind Market

The Netherlands: Central Industry Group Enters Offshore Wind Market

Central Industry Group (CIG) is a group of 10 companies, all providing industrial goods and services to the international shipbuilding market and to complex architectural projects.

Tailored to the client’s requirements, CIG’s high-quality products are renowned for their added value. While operating independently in their own product market combinations, CIG companies complement each other to ensure that the client’s needs are met.

These synergies form part of a dedicated customer and service orientated approach. Shipkits and Vuyk Engineering Groningen, both subsidiaries of CIG, working together under the name CIG Shipbuilders, presents the VG 6000-E, a unique ‘proven design’ solution for multipurpose demands from the offshore wind energy market.

Compared to the traditional use of Jack-Ups and/or barges (which have to be towed by tugs), the VG 6000-E has the following advantages:

The VG 6000-E is faster, easier to handle and cheaper in use compared to the traditional cycle

• Due to DPI or DP2 it can manoeuvre through the wind farm site and can dock alongside the construction vessel/Jack-Up

• The VG 6000-E realizes more workable days, hence the anti heave and anti roll functionality

• The VG 6000-E itself can perform as a wave breaker and creates a lee for small service or personnel crafts for maintenance with specific wave heights

• The wheel house in front protects the cargo in foul weather

• Usage of a ‘smart’ passive heave load and unload system

The Netherlands: Central Industry Group Enters Offshore Wind Market

Offshore wind farm transport by CIG

In order to cope with the rapid growth of the wind farm construction market, this multi functional, diesel-electric vessel is in most cases the best solution for feedering the offshore wind installation market. CIG’s concept is based on vertical transport of monopiles and/or transition pieces. This concept is unparalleled regarding its uptime and thus a much quicker upending of these large items on location at high seas. Due to its anti-heave and anti roll functionality, the work on the spot is much quicker, more comfortable and thus cheaper and favorable compared to the traditional cycles. Another major difference is the lower down time of the concept. The VG 6000-E is a highly redundant platform.

Multifunctional, modular offshore platform

A modular build concept, pre-outfitted with all necessary installation equipment and extra accommodation. This can be seen as a specific modular solution through the whole life cycle of the vessel, or as an integral solution from the start of the building of the vessel. With this concept, the VG6000-E has a multifunctional offshore platform and could be modular outfitted as:

• Offshore wind park feeder vessel

• Accommodation vessel

• Cable layer vessel

• Platform supply vessel


Press release, May 23, 2013; Image: CIG

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