UK: Borehole Survey at Dogger Bank Creyke Beck Landfall Site

UK: Borehole Survey at Dogger Bank Creyke Beck Landfall Site

Specialist contractors working for Forewind will drill three boreholes near the proposed landfall location for the Dogger Bank Creyke Beck export cables this week to understand the soil strata and geotechnical information of the site.

The three boreholes will be drilled on arable land approximately 500 metres inland from the beach, between Barmston and Ulrome, by VolkerInfra and samples will be analysed to identify the layers of soil.

The information gained from the survey will help to determine the most appropriate method and equipment to use to ensure the cable is installed with minimal temporary disruption during construction and that there are no longer term impacts on coastal erosion.

Head of Onshore Development, Mark Thomas said coastal erosion is a major local concern so Forewind will take steps to ensure cable works do not impact it, either by accelerating or reducing the natural process, in accordance with the Shoreline Management Plan developed by the Humber Estuary Coastal Authorities Group.

Horizontal directional drilling is the current preferred cable installation technique and this survey will enable the specification of details regarding how this should be carried out.

The results will be included in a design study which will be undertaken by selected installation contractor as a basis for construction and in advance of any activity being undertaken after the relevant consents have been received.


Press release, February 24, 2013; Image: forewind


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