Germany: Fassmer Presents Three New Specialized Vessels

Germany: Fassmer Presents Three New Specialized Vessels

Fassmer has presented three new specialized vessels in a wide range of products developed by its experienced naval architects and engineers in order to reach efficient solutions to the offshore challenges. Using its expertise in specialized vessels, Fassmer has developed a variety of assets to suit the multi-dimensional operational and maintenance demands of the Offshore Field.

DSV 74 ‘DEVELOPER’ (74 m Diving Support Vessel)

When it comes to underwater repair, inspection and construction works, the DEVELOPER is a vessel conceived as a multifunctional flexible solution.

It provides space and deadweight capabilities to accommodate diving support systems, grouting equipment, ROVs and UAVs as well as other related systems, on deck as well as below deck. The DEVELOPER has a large offshore crane with active heave compensation and is capable of station keeping by means of its Dynamic Positioning System (DP2) and optional 4-point anchoring.

The vessels flexibility and cargo capabilities allow for other offshore logistics services, all of them within Fassmer philosophy of energy efficiency and environmental soundness.

OSV 68 ‘SUPPORTER’ (68 m Offshore Support Vessel)

For all activities that require a long time in the area and extended support upon any weather condition, the SUPPORTER provides flexible and reliable capabilities.

With a large and well distributed deck area, the SUPPORTER can handle helicopters, boats, general cargo, underwater vehicles and even an advanced access system to connect directly to the offshore installations.

Internal arrangement provides plenty of space for accommodations, workshops, theater, fitness room, sickbay and other multi-purpose spaces. In addition, Fassmer team is ready to assist on customizing the SUPPORTER to meet the client’s precise offshore needs.

PTV 34 ‘SEAKAT’ (34 m Personnel Transport Vessel)

The SEAKAT delivers fast and reliable transfer of persons and light equipment from base to the offshore area in the shortest time in almost any environment.

The SEAKAT is a novel hull design solution that maximizes year-round availability without skyrocketing operational and investment costs.

It provides an optimized return on investment for fast personnel transfer in the harsh environment conditions of the North and Baltic Seas.


Press release, January 23, 2013; Image: Fassmer

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