The Netherlands: Veka Launches First Multipurpose Catamaran

The Netherlands: Veka Launches First Multipurpose Catamaran

Last week the first ‘Animal’ Multipurpose Catamaran was launched, the first ship in a series of high speed crafts. With this highly innovative support vessel for the offshore industry, VEKA Group has developed a very powerful workboat, specialized in transporting technical personnel and working material to and from wind farms.

Every ship of this new “Animal” line will get an animal name and the first one is baptized “Whale of the Waves’. A second catamaran is under construction and will soon be delivered.

A unique and specialized ship with a wide range of technical innovations developed for a more efficient maintenance of wind turbines. The new hull shape provides high stability in heavy weather and pushes the boundaries of the ship. The strong and lightweight aluminum construction ensures safety, high speed and high performance of this catamaran.


Press release, November 28, 2012; Image: Veka

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