USA: Oregon Offshore Plans Encounter Concerns Over Visual Impact

The process for development of wave, tidal and wind power off the Oregon coast continues through updating the state’s Territorial Sea Plan and holding public forums, with the last one held in Astoria on November 7.

The state’s public forums have shown the concerns on preserving the natural beauty of the coast, which many people consider to be ignored by the planning process. To address these issues, Paul Klarin, who has been working on the territorial sea plan update for the Department of Land Conservation and Development, gave a presentation about how the plan has been updated, the Coast River Business Journal writes.

Mr. Klarin said the purpose of the forums was to solicit input on their framework for categorizing a site’s visual resources before the Territorial Sea Plan Advisory Committee (TSPAC) and Ocean Policy Advisory Committee (OPAC) submit the plan to Land Conservation and Development Commission.


Offshore WIND Staff, November 9, 2012