USA: IHS Studies Global Wind Turbine Supply Chain Strategies

The wind turbine market is becoming increasingly global.  Asia accounted for nearly half of the orders announced globally in the first half of 2012. Latin America continues to generate interest, while the offshore market in Europe shows significant potential. Wind turbine OEMs and component manufacturers along the supply chain face overcapacity and challenging market conditions.

In this new study, Global Wind Turbine Supply Chain Strategies: 2012-2025, IHS examines the strategies of over 45 leading and emerging turbine manufacturers, the competitive positioning of 50 supply chain players – active in the bearings, blades, gearboxes, generator and power converter segments, and the challenges they face going forward.

This study analyses key aspects of the turbine market including technology trends, system pricing, order flow, product strategies, and production facility expansions.

Key questions addressed include:

·         Where and how quickly will the global wind market grow between 2012 and 2025?

·         With impressive growth predicted for Asia, now and where are Asian OEMs expanding their footprint?

·         How are turbine manufacturers adjusting their sales and product development strategies to compete in a global market?

·         What is the impact of the dramatic reduction in US wind turbine installations on the local and global supply chain?

·         How are blade, bearings, and gearbox manufacturers positioned to respond to increasing specialization, especially in the offshore sector?


Press release, October 25, 2012